Student Information

Information system pertaining to Students

Student information management had never been so easy. But our strong and robust student information system makes it a possibility. The interactive database of CuteBrains that is at the backend of the robust student information system is accessible with ease. Administrators, teachers and parents can access it very easily. This database is linked with class activities and school activities. If the school is interested in linking some other details like medical history, accounts, billing etc., then they can be added by administrators in a seamless manner. The details about grades, homework, attendance, achievements and disciplinary activities are updated in the same electronic file. These are always complete and up-to-date. The sections that need to be updated by parents can be done easily by them. It eliminates the need of making a visit to school for every minor update. The academic progress of the students is at the fingertips of parents with this student information system. This information system makes all the information centralized in one repository. Without such information system the vital information is scattered here and there, some info. is with the teachers and some is in the front office.