Report Card

Report cards are probably the most sought after report in a school curriculum. It presents a cumulative picture of student’s hard work throughout the year. A report card is considered as a boon and reward for dedicated students and parents. However, the process of creating report cards can be very time-taking. CuteBrains can automate the process of report card creation by streamlining the process through interactive database at the back end of the product. The report cards are totally customizable and the features to be incorporated can be decided upon by administrators and teachers. As soon as, all the internal processes are complete towards preparing of the report cards, and it is approved by teachers and administrators, it can be instantaneously made available to parents and students. The report card feature of CuteBrains is both easy to use and robust in functionality. The interactive database at the back end of CuteBrains makes it a possibility. All that is needed to prepare the report card is already incorporated as fields in database, and with the updating of data the report cards can be prepared immediately without much hassles. PDF version of the report card is made available to parents and students immediately on approval of teachers and administrators. A copy of the report card can also be mailed to parents officially for their record.