Parent access

Portal of student parents

Parent portal is one of the most potent tools of the CuteBrains offerings. This parent portal enables the parents to stay connected with student’s classroom and teachers on 24*7 basis. This school management software by CuteBrains empowers the parents to participate in education process of their ward at the click of a mouse. Information accessible to parents through the portal is fully customizable.  You think of any informative report like message board, calendars, class room assignments, grades, attendance records and other basic student and parent information, it can be incorporated in this school management software. In absence of such a software, the parents always had to wait for the information being furnished by the school authorities, which was brought to them by their ward. But this feature brings the parents in the fore front, and allows them to take control of the situation. The parent portal is updated daily by CuteBrains. This portal opens the direct chain of communications between parents and teachers. In case parents want information about the homework, project and other assignments due the next date, they can send direct private messages to the teachers. This direct line of communication and active participation of parents, open the doors of success for students.