The homework part of CuteBrains software allows the homework assignments to be available for parents and students at any time of the day. As soon as the teachers post homework, it is accessible to student and parent portal immediately with instructions, details, and clarifications. It also contains other pertinent details like date of assigning homework, a due date of submission, attachments, etc. Any changes in the instructions and other relevant details can be easily updated at the same instant on the software. These changes get immediately reflected in parent and student portal. Can you imagine, what is the most striking advantage of this feature? Now, the students can’t get away with excuses that “I forgot” or “I was not knowing”. Since, everything is available any time, with a click of the mouse. This feature unleashes unprecedented powers in the hands of parents, as they can check and cross check. The homework feature of CuteBrains facilitates easy communication between teachers, parents and students via online messaging incorporated in the software.