Examination and Gradebook

Cute Brains School Management System Software has a flexible examination module that supports all kinds of grading systems. Any institution can manage their examinations for any courses that they run. Whether it is ICSE, general CCE, CWA, GPA or CBSE pattern:

  • It doesn’t matter which examination pattern your institution is following. This module has settings which can format any type of evaluation
  • Based on the exam creation, this module can mark and grade
  • Exam reports can be easily evaluated and published. Instant alerts and notifications can also be sent to parents
  • This module supports the creation of multiple grading profiles for subject exams or for any activity.
  • The flexibility of this module makes it easy for teachers to enter and update marks whenever necessary
  • There is an overall report for the year feature where students’ remarks can be recorded
  • Users with login privileges or the administrator can generate examination reports for each term along with the end year report card
  • Exam reports for each subject are available. Teachers can easily perform analyses and generate a complete batch report

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