System to Manage Student Attendance

Attendance is one of the most vital administrative tasks that must be carried out at the beginning of any session. Attendance activity eats into the crucial time available for disposal of teachers and it often becomes difficult to manage. Traditional attendance records are confusing array of squares that are often prone to mistakes in high pressure situation. With CuteBrains’ friendly attendance feature teachers can mark the attendance of their students in a colored chart with the click of a mouse. This feature of school management software is a proven method to eliminate the hassles encountered by teachers in class, especially in high pressure situations. These attendances can always be shared with parents online with great ease through online school management system. The visibility of this wonderful school attendance recording system is incredible. Wide rows and columns, colorful charts and entry system, make the attendance recording process extremely hassle free for teachers. And we can ensure you that the readability of this feature is remarkable for the teachers, administrators who manage the system and parents. One other boon of this school attendance feature of the software is that it can be immediately shared online with the parents. The fully integrated software makes seamless integration of attendance recording process within various modules of the software.